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Since missionary outreach is undeniably the plan of God, we make no apologies for asking God’s people to prayerfully contribute to the task. Here, as in other areas of service, the possibilities are limitless. No one can place a value on the worth of a soul and the wealth of the Gospel message.

Our missionaries are called by God to devote their lives to preaching the immeasurable riches of Christ. These servants of God include both foreign and national missionaries—co-laborers in the work of the Gospel. Some serve in hostile places, while others live in relative safety. A few labor in fertile fields that reap abundant harvest, but many toil in hardened soil that yields little for their sweat and struggle. They all share one in common: to see the Gospel spread. They deserve our prayer and our financial assistance for their obedience to God’s call.


Why Give?

At Missions 3:16, all of our missionaries live by faith! In the past, God has supplied our needs through the sacrificial gifts of His people. We truly believe that His resources will not fail to meet our need in the future. We pray that the Lord will lead you to contribute in this vital ministry. 

If God leads, you may send your donation to any *missionary, project, or the general fund of Missions 3:16 to:

Missions 3:16
PO Box 6765
Charleston WV 25362

*Be certain to specify the missionary or project of your choice. Funds not designated are deposited in the general fund to underwrite the operational expenses of Missions 3:16.


Missions 3:16 endeavors to conduct its financial affairs with high standards of ethics and accountability. Our organization is audited annually.  The audit report and 990’s are available on request with full disclosures given to serious inquiries.

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