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Vlad & Julia Kozoubovskii

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Vlad and Julia Kozoubovskii, and their son Danni, as well as grown daughter Veronika and son Vitali, are Titus missionaries in Ukraine.

Vlad is a fourth-generation Baptist minister. His great-grandfather was an underground pastor who died for his faith in 1937. His grandfather suffered much persecution after WW 2, also as a Baptist pastor. Vlad’s father Vitali also had many hard times as pastor of House of Gospel Church in Kiev during the Cold War, prior to Ukrainian independence in 1991.

Kiev Theological Seminary and Appalachian Bible College [WV] trained Vlad for his current ministry. His practical experience came from the local churches that he and Julia served in WV, as well as work as a Prison Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain in WV.

International Slavic Christian College and Appalachian Bible College, as well as much practical, local-church ministry in WV have prepared Julia for her current, valuable ministry alongside Vlad.

Besides evangelism, discipleship and church-planting, the Kozoubovskiis have also started a Bible Institute, as well as a camp/retreat center, Vlad’s Extreme Camps and youth ministry, plus Julia’s ladies’ and kids’ ministries.