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Many times the purpose or function of mission boards is misunderstood, because many mission boards either under-perform as sending agencies, or they usurp the sending church's authority. This results in many misconceptions and/or unclear lines of distinction in the world of missions/mission boards.

We often hear these sincere but mis-guided questions:

Missions 3:16 sponsors and sends missionaries to the field, right?

Missions 3:16 raises money for missionaries to go to the field, right?

Missions 3:16 is the ultimate and final authority over your missionaries, right?

The answers are No…No…No.

How do we serve these functions and fulfill these purposes?

1. MAINTAINING A FINANCIAL CONNECTION between missionaries and their partners–through Home Office staff accounting, receipting, communicating, reporting and transferring of funds, paying monthly bills, establishing support levels.

2. MAINTAINING A LEGAL CONNECTION between missionaries and governments, financial institutions, debtors, others to whom they must maintain accountability–with the help of Home Office staff missionary services.

3. MAINTAINING A COMMUNCIATIONS CONNECTIONS between missionaries and their churches, donor partners, prayer partners, and the Missions 3:16 Home Office–by monitoring and keeping them informed about families, lives, ministries, and field conditions, as we receive ministry reports and other communication.

What We Do

 In order that churches, current and prospective missionaries, and missionary donor-partners can accurately understand what Missions 3:16 is all about [purpose and function], here are some important job descriptions:



[makes actions and processes easier]. We walk applicants
and interns through the missions application and approval process. Then, we assist them with pre-field ministry and in getting to their field of service.


communicates, cooperates to facilitate a close working
relationship between people and organizations]. We cultivate and aid in the development of regular lines of communication between missionaries and their individual or church donor-partners.


[publicly speaks for, recommends and affirms]. We hold up our missionaries to supporters and potential supporters, representing their ministry and field of service in current supporting churches and in Bible Colleges, plus endeavoring to recruit new missionaries to join/help them.


[gives or instills confidence, courage; stimulates byassistance, approval]. We affirm, bless and assist our missionaries by visiting them on their field, connecting others with their work, and communicating with them regularly by various forms of media (email, skype, FB Messenger, etc.).


[assists in responsible planning and management of another’s resources, finances, possessions]. We research current field conditions to help our missionaries set reasonable financial goals for support-raising, as well as establishing guidelines that help them prepare for their family’s future on the field and beyond.

To Sum It Up

Make the actions and processes of becoming a missionary easier [facilitate].


Communicate and cooperate to form a close working relationship between missionaries and individual/church donor partners [liaison].


Publicly support or recommend our missionaries whenever possible [advocate].


Inspire confidence, courage; stimulate by assistance and approval [encourage].


Assist our missionaries in responsible planning and management of resources, finances, possessions [steward].